David Binkley

David has lived in the metro Detroit area, specifically in Oakland county, for over 22 years. As a result, he has a great deal of knowledge about the surrounding areas. He knows the best schools, the tastiest restaurants, the trendiest bars, and most importantly, the most sought-after neighborhoods. He truly has his finger on the pulse of the metro Detroit area, meaning he understands property values and what constitutes an awesome deal.

David is ready to help you buy, sell, rent, or invest. He is a proud member of Jeff Glover and Associates, a team with Keller Williams. Not to mention, JGA is the official team of the Detroit Tigers! With this kind of brand recognition and powerful marketing, David can help you nail down all sorts of real estate transactions.

Furthermore, David has an extensive background in construction, which has consequently laid a rock solid foundation for a successful real estate career. He can provide a unique, tactical perspective on deals for his client.

David’s peers have described him as a natural-born leader; he will work relentlessly to close deals, as he is an aggressive and hardworking businessman. Yet, David is still kind-hearted and relatable. Truly, he is a wonderful conversationalist. All of the aforementioned traits serve him well in providing the highest quality of service to his clients.

In his free time, David loves spending time with friends, as well as working on projects, such as tinkering with cars, and remodeling homes. Most importantly, David is a family man. He loves making memories with those who mean the most to him. As a result, he understands the value of a home, and he will work tirelessly to find you the perfect spot to continue building your dream life.


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